Mildred is the brainchild and musical alias of Lauren Davis, a singer, pianist, composer, and producer residing in Los Angeles. Before she became Mildred in 2017, Lauren was an active member of the LA contemporary classical community and regularly premiered works with The Industry opera company. Other notable accomplishments in this realm include several performances with wild Up and International Contemporary Ensemble, working with John Luther Adams on his piece Sila for Ojai Music Festival, premiering an opera by composer Michael Webster, numerous performances with medieval vocal ensemble Vocatrix, premiering an opera by Sharon Chohi Kim & Micaela Tobin, and a recording gig for an ensemble which she later learned was actually a Catholic cult (don't ask. Actually do it's a p good story). During this time, Lauren's songwriting efforts were realized by a progressive rock band called Blackberry Tongues. They released a full-length album titled We Are Open Mouths in 2015 and two EPs which Lauren produced herself.

Lauren started her solo project Mildred in mid-2017, and since then has fully committed herself to her own compositions. As Mildred, Lauren has released several singles and a music video followed by her debut full-length album A Black Water which has garnered attention from listeners around the world. She is currently working alongside renowned composer and saxophonist David Binney on some of her newer material, much of which is set to release in 2019. Other ongoing collaborators include Brendan Byrnes, Rusty Kennedy, Austin Pooley, Jerkagram, Imelda Marcos, house producer Shuji Hirose, and guitarist Leon del Muerte of the band NAILS.